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Texas Sized Sweets With Texas Sized Flavor

1/2lb Cookies

Texas-sized Treats​

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Peanut Butter

We have all done it… it’s late at night and you are hungry but don’t want to cook something for fear of waking up your parents. So you open the pantry to grab a spoonful of peanut butter, but you see our cookie sitting on the counter staring at you longingly. “Do I take the cookie? Should I really?” Yes… Yes, you should.

Cookies are $6 each


Let’s be honest for a second. We all love a good S’mores, but does anyone actually enjoy coming home from a get-together smelling like they just put out the Chicago fire? We took the best of a S’more and put it all into one cookie for convenience and efficiency. At least that’s what we told our dietician.

Cookies are $6 each

Oatmeal Toffee

Oatmeal cookies get a bad rap. Whoever thought it was a good idea to put raisins in them must be the type of person to yell at kids to, “Get off my lawn!” But we are more of the type to invite the neighbors over for margaritas on a Tuesday, so we exchanged the raisins with toffee because people actually love toffee.

Cookies are $6 each

Mocha Coconut

In the peak of summer, the basic white girls everywhere flock to that one coffee shop with a mermaid for a logo (why is that anyway?!) for a sweet treat of blended chocolate, coconut, and coffee that has enough calories to ruin your hot girl summer fast… So why not make it into a cookie? We agree. Get one of these while they last!

Cookies are $6 each

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Do you know how long it took us to learn how to spell “macadamia” on our own before we caved and asked google? Well… Almost as long as it took for us to work on getting one of these staple flavors onto the menu. As a true favorite of Amanda’s husband Mike, he claimed that he wouldn’t stop leaving the toilet seat up until Amanda made one of these, and well, it is now closed.

Cookies are $6 each

W&Ws Cookie

Big Candy is not something to mess with. You see, at first, we used another internationally popular candy-coated chocolate candy, but as soon as a certain company’s lawyers smelled blood we had two men in suits with Jersey accents knocking on our door. Anywho… The kiddos will love this flavorful, colorful candy-studded cookie and will beg you for a second, third, and maybe a 12 pack. Tread carefully.

Cookies are $6 each

Cookies N Cream

There is this extremely popular cookie that is two extremely dark crunchy cookies sandwiched around some sort of magically delicious cream made of who knows what kind of substance. We’d mention the name of it but we can’t afford big corporate lawyers yet so we’ll just call them ‘cookies with cream.’ Help us fund our inevitably much-needed legal team by purchasing one of our cookies and cream cookies today!

Cookies are $6 each

Pumpkin Spiced Latte

It’s that time of year where ‘basic’ women dawn their long sleeved shirts, vests, jeans, and hunter boots to resemble an iconic star wars character and flock to the nearest coffee shop to grab their liquid IV of choice… the PSL. Do you know where that flavor works incredibly well? A half pound cookie! This new pumpkin based cookie is studded with white chocolate, and topped with our signature coffee glaze to keep you going all night long.

Cookies are $6 each


Introducing the THICCMint (with 2 C’s). All the goodness of thin mints, but instead of having to eat the whole box while you watch Pretty Little Liars reruns you can just eat our own half-pound version that is loaded with dark chocolate and chopped Andes mints. Also seasonal like the cookies distributed by those tiny humans, but this one is available now.

Cookies are $6 each

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Things are heating up a bit around here this time of year and I am not talking about that ramen you got Door Dashed to your house last night… Get in the mood with our Mexican Hot Chocolate cookie full of warming cinnamon, acnho, cayenne, and dark chocolate. This rich decadent cookie is way cheaper than a dinner date and won’t leave you in tears at the end of the night either!

Cookies are $6 each

Pistachio Toffee Chocolate Chip

Do you know what happens when you combine a copious amount of Pistachios and Toffee into our signature Chocolate Chip Cookie? We didn’t either at first, but then we stumbled upon something incredible. Not quite as breathtaking as the Grand Canyon, but it is damn close!

Cookies are $6 each

The Bluebonnet

Chances are that if you are driving through central Texas between April and May, you will come across a Honda Odyssey pulled over to the side of the road and a family of 4 piling out to squat in a potentially wet field full of blue flowers for an Instagram photo. Those flowers are bluebonnets, and while they are cute, our cookies are just as good-looking with white chocolate, blueberries, and a hint of lemon which makes them taste better too. Plus, no need to get dirty.

Cookies are $6 each

Birthday Cake

If we were ever in politics, we would make sure our campaign was based on people having the ability to celebrate their birthday at any time and as often as they please. Our cookie version of this ‘official holiday’ treat is more casual and mobile for your Tuesday (or any day) celebration. Oh, and it is also ATX Sweets’ birthday month so get it now!

Cookies are $6 each

White Christmas

Imagine yourself inside a snow globe with a basic white girl who is drinking a peppermint white chocolate mocha in ugg boots and a puffer vest. That’s what it is like to eat our White Christmas cookie. This complex cookie features white chocolate, coconut, caramel, a touch of vanilla, and then covered in that thing that stuff that you can’t get rid of… edible glitter!

Cookies are $6 each



This 1lb absolute unit of a bar could easily feed a family of four*, do your laundry*, take your wife out to dinner*, and probably cure cancer*. This is the bar for when you think to yourself, “I cannot be satisfied by any sweets in my home because nothing can satisfy my yearning for a cookie, brownie, and oreos at the same time.” This is the bar for when you broke up with your ex and want to drown your sorrows in calories. Want to know who this bar isn’t for? Weak people, but you deserve one anyway.

* These claims have not been tested or confirmed in any manner.

Bars are $8 each

Stuffed Cinnamon Roll

Remember back in the day when you would walk past the mall food court and let go of all self-control to buy a cinnamon roll with extra icing? Well, we have now packaged all that goodness into a cookie. This snickerdoodle is stuffed with cream cheese icing and a brown sugar cinnamon goo to help you channel that inner 14 year old you once were.

Cookies are $6 each

Stuffed Peanut Butter Cup

What do you think is the best candy? If you answered to yourself anything other than a peanut butter cup… well it is okay to be wrong. What is better than a peanut butter cup? Nothing. Nothing at all. And therefore, our first attempt at making a stuffed cookie resulted in this rich chocolate cookie, stuffed with peanut butter, topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips.

*Most certainly contains peanuts (I would hope so)

Stuffed Cookies are $6 each

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